Vendor information

The Showpiece Art & Antique Fair is open to a variety of vendors who offer high quality, unique, and beautiful items.  

To endure the safety of vendors and their items, we will have security onsite as well as overnight during the set up and sale period.  Showpiece Art & Antique Fair has insurance for accidents and injury. We suggest vendors insure their own merchandise, if they so choose.

We offer a range of booth sizes to suit your individual needs which will all have access to electrical power to allow for individualized lighting and displays.

Booths are 11" deep and

- 11′ wide     $700 + GST
- 16.5′ wide  $975 + GST
- 22′ wide     $1250 + GST
The two rows of central booths in the Auditorium will  be divided by a pipe and drape room divider.  Electric power will be made available to all booths, including both perimeter and central booths in Room A and the Auditorium.  Vendors shall provide any extension cords or power bars needed for their displays.

8’x30″ tables are included with every booth; vendors shall provide adequate tablecloths or draping to cover the tables and legs.

If you are interested in participating in this event, please complete the contract, found under the Information tab.  Applications will be considered in the order in which they are submitted.
Vendors traveling for this event can find reduced hotel rates by clicking the link here.

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